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Consumer Participation

Community Advisory Committee


The Community Advisory Committee at Western Health is a group that provides leadership and direction by enabling increased consumer, carer and community involvement in our health service planning.


The Community Advisory Committee has two significant roles:

  1. To provide direction and leadership in relation to the integration of consumer, carer and community views.

  2. To advocate to the board on behalf of the community, consumers and carers.

Western Health Community Advisory Committee brings a community viewpoint to the growth of priority areas and key issues to strengthen consumer participation at all levels of service planning and delivery of healthcare.

Who is represented on the Community Advisory Committee?

Western Health Community Advisory Committee consists of community members, board members and staff.

Western Health Community Advisory Committee achievements include:

  • The Development of Community Participation Plan
  • Reviewing new brochures and health literature to ensure it meets the health literacy requirements of the organisation
  • Reviewing results from Consumer Satisfaction Surveys from across the organisation
  • Formal fundraising activities
  • Reviewing Quality of Care Reports

Become a Consumer Representative

Our Consumer Representatives are community members who voice the consumers views and take part in the decision making process on behalf of consumers (patients, carers, and their families).

If you would like to become a Consumer Representative on one of our committees, focus groups, or Board, please click on the link for more information.

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