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Medicare Ineligible

Medicare Ineligible and Overseas Patient Fees

Who is a Medicare Ineligible Patient?

A Medicare Ineligible Patient is someone who does not hold a valid Medicare card, is not an Asylum Seeker or is not a visitor from a country who has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia.

If you are not eligible for Medicare you will be required to pay for all hospital services. Patients who do not have a Medicare card or who are not eligible for Medicare benefits will need to organise payment prior to receiving care and services. Charges may vary depending on the treatment provided and whether you are covered by an Australian Health Insurance Policy.

Will I have to pay for my health care whilst at Western Health?

Yes, as a Medicare Ineligible patient it is your responsibility to ensure that you have Health Insurance cover and adequate money to cover the full cost of your health care.

I do not have health insurance

If you do not have health insurance you must pay for the full cost of your health care and treatment at Western Health.

What information will I be asked for?

  • When you come to hospital you will need to provide us with:
  • Your passport & Visa Status
  • Up-front payment for services
  • Relevant health insurance policy details
  • Overseas residential address and phone numbers
  • Residential details and sponsor details including contact information during your stay in Australia

A General Guide to Costs

If you are not eligible for Medicare you will be required to pay for all hospital services including outpatient appointments.

If you have insurance you can take your receipt to your insurance fund to claim a refund.

Charges may vary depending on the treatment provided.

For a guide to the cost of treatment please see attached ‘Guide to Costs’ below.


Antenatal, delivery and follow up (up-front fee includes ante natal review clinics) $16,500

Admitted Patients (In-Patients)

Acute Same Day Stay $1437
Acute Overnight (per day) $1700
Overnight Surgical (per day) $2000
Overnight Advance Surgical (per day) $2400
Dental $500
Palliative care (per day) $1500
Hospital in the home $600

Non-Admitted Patients (Out-Patients)

Emergency presentation $600
Outpatient - Visit $425
Outpatients - Allied Health $225
Dialysis $1600
Day Chemotherapy $1600
Diagnostic and pharmacy will incur additional charges at full cost.

Theatre, Surgeon & Anaesthesiologist

Surgeon Full cost
Anaesthesiologist Full cost
Surgeon and anaesthesiologist fees will be charged to the patient by the provider. Higher charges are applicable for more complex cases.
Patients are required to attend pre-admissions clinics before any elective procedure can be performed.

Diagnostics & Pharmacy

These costs will be charged by the provider directly to the patient and include:

Aids & appliances (eg crutches) Full cost
Radiology, Ultrasound, MRCI & CT Scan Full cost
Pathology Full cost
Pharmacy Full cost

Other fees & charges

Interpreter services will be charged by the provider to the patient.
No guarantee for single room can be provided. The choice of single room is dependant on individual patients requirements. Fees may be higher where a single room is provided.
It is recommended you discuss your health care needs in advance to be provided with accurate fees and charges.

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