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My Health Record

My Health Record puts your health in your hands

My Health Record provides you secure access to your key healthcare information whenever you need it. This information might include details of your medical conditions and treatments, medicines you take, your allergies, and test or scan results. Your healthcare providers, such as doctors, specialists and hospital staff, can check your My Health Record when they need to. Both you and your healthcare providers can add information to your record. 

Your record can only be seen by you, your healthcare providers and any people you choose to share it with.

You can download your immunisation history statement or COVID-19 digital certificate if you need proof of vaccinations — including COVID-19 vaccinations.

Accessible from anywhere, My Health Record can help you in emergencies or when you're travelling. If you can't leave the house and are having a telehealth consultation, your healthcare provider can check your My Health Record.

Western Health uploads discharge summaries, pathology and diagnostic reports to My Health Record.  We respect your right to decline information being sent to your My Health Record.  If you do not want us to upload information, you need to tell us at every attendance to hospital or you can choose to withdraw consent at a national level.


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