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Dr Saulat Khan shares her reflections on Ramadan

Dr Saulat Khan shares her reflections on Ramadan
17 April 2023

Each year millions of Muslims observe Ramadan, which involves fasting for one month from dusk to dawn, prayer, charity and self-reflection. 
Dr Saulat Khan, the Evaluation and Planning Lead in the Health Promotion team within the Western Public Health Unit (WPHU) shares with us what Ramadan means to her. 
Dr Khan joined the health service during the height of COVID-19 and initially led a contact tracing team.  
Now she supports WPHU’s role in preventing and managing chronic diseases and improving the health of the community in Melbourne’s western suburbs. 
The mother of three moved to Australia from Pakistan 15 years ago. She is observing Ramadan between March 22 and April 21, 2023. 
“Ramadan is a sacred and festive time of the year for Muslims,” Dr Khan said. 
“For my family and I, it means we fast, which is the physical act of not eating or drinking food between dusk and dawn. 

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