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Active Living

In line with new direction from the Victorian Government for Integrated Health Promotion (IHP) funded agencies across Victoria, one of the new priority areas for the Health Promotion Team at Western Health is Active Living. We will aim to work across settings to embed active living, with a focus on active travel, in the Melton and Moorabool community.

Being physically active on all or most days is one of the best things we can do to maintain and improve our health. All too often, our busy lifestyles get in the way and stop us from being as active as we should. Other things that may prevent us from being active include lack of suitable opportunities to be involved in sports and exercise, living or working in an environment that isn’t very ‘walking friendly’ or not knowing how to be active in a new set of circumstances such as after an injury or in a new stage of life.

The Health Promotion team will be working with the community to increase opportunities for physical activity over the next 4 years. Some of the work we will be focusing on includes the following:

  • Working with schools and local government to highlight and promote active travel (walking, cycling, scooters etc.). This is not just good for our health, but also can help avoid unnecessary car trips, which reduces traffic and helps to lessen carbon emissions that lead to climate change.
  • Supporting sporting clubs to be more inclusive of people from a variety of backgrounds, with a particular focus on increasing the numbers of girls and women playing sport.
  • Promoting opportunities for community members to get involved in physical activity through a range of events and programs.
  • Increasing the knowledge of teachers, sports coaches and other community leaders to improve their skills in providing physical activity opportunities that are inclusive, build confidence, improve fitness and are fun for all participants.

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